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Food labels can't be trusted?

Did you, like many others, resolve this new year's to eat healthier and exercise in an attempt to drop those holiday (and other...) pounds? I found this article particularly interesting from Time. It says that the calorie counts that many people (me) live by on the sides of prepared foods are often incorrect. And not in a good way.
The article says that foods contain an average of 8% more calories than listed - and at restaurants that percentage goes up to 18! The study comes from the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, and was initiated by a woman who struggled with her weight and refused to believe the calorie counts listed on many foods. As the article points out, 8% might not seem like a lot for one frozen meal lunch...but think about how that adds up over the course of a month!
On a different note, another article worth checking out is this one on Fierce Mobile Healthcare. It discusses the "new wave" of wireless home monitoring devices for seniors. It's a burgeoning technology that could help seniors remain in their homes longer in the future.

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