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"Granny's Got Game" Documentary Project

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Angela Gorsica Alford was a successful basketball player for USA Basketball and Vanderbilt University - but that was a decade ago. When she finally made it back onto the court at her local YMCA, she encountered this team of women in their seventies. "They started playing 6-on-6 basketball in the 1950s but stopped after high school as there were no opportunities to keep playing in those pre-Title IX days," she says. Inspired, she grabbed her camera and started filming.

"With my glory days long gone, I thought I was finished playing basketball. Then I met this team at the local YMCA. Suddenly, my outlook on things changed.  The women helped me to remember how much I loved to play and how much I enjoyed being part of a team.  I have spent the last year and half with these women, documenting their journeys, and even doing a little coaching.  The experience has changed me and I hope the film will inspire you." - Angela Gorsica Alford

Now, with the film nearly done, she needs a little support to flesh it out into a full documentary. Click here to pledge toward Alford's goal - she's got a great start!

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