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Health Care Reform - A Top Priority

Hello everyone. There is no question we have health care on the top of of our minds - the cost of it, the need for it, and reforming it. This issue touches all of our lives. I was recently fortunate to have been invited to the White House's Regional Health Care Forum hosted by Gov. Schwarzenegger and Gov. Gregoire which was hosted in Los Angeles. The forums are part of President Obama's administration's national effort to gain insight and input on the President's own health care plan.
Naturally AARP was in attendance, as it's been for several of the other two-hour sessions where key White House officials spoke about the need for health care reform along with elected officials, business and advocacy leaders.
There were also the painful personal stories that individuals shared and people were able to ask questions both there in Los Angeles and from other communities around California. You can watch the whole two hour event on this YouTube video and you can also express your concerns and suggestions about reforming the health care system at It's clearly the time to make progress on this complex and challenging issue!

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