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Healthy Habits!

I always love finding stories and advice like this from a reputable source - this time from CNN and
Check out this article about 10 different "guilty" pleasures that might actually be good for your health! So don't feel guilty about doing them!
A couple of my favorites include getting your ZZZs, having a girls' night out, choosing the "full fat" dressing for that lunch salad, and basking in the sun - something I've been taking very seriously this summer! (But always wearing sunscreen!) While you can't do all of those things every single day (and probably shouldn't), the article says they can all have health benefits mentally, emotionally or physically - or maybe all three!
What are your little guilty pleasures that help you get happily through your days? We've all got em!
While you are thinking about your health and healthy habits, I thought I'd mention this article, too. This morning there is a new study out, so in turn I've seen a lot of news about, drinking plenty of water. Your body needs it! The study also shows that drinking a couple of glasses of H2O can actually help you lose weight.
I personally aim to stick to only water all day, and occasionally treat myself to a soda with dinner or as an evening treat - and I generally find that when I do splurge on carbonation, I end up feeling less than stellar anyway! What about you?

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