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Life@50+ Highlight: Staying Fit As A Fiddle

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Bob Harper, fitness trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," really got a crowd thinking about weight, fitness and developing a healthy lifestyle.
Bob told a crowd of folks that you only need three things in order to successfully lose weight on your own, and they are the three Rs:
Relax: You can't try to do it all at once. Forget extreme dieting and weight loss. You will set yourself up for failure.
Respect: Stop being down on yourself. You are worth the effort it takes to get healthier.
Resolve: You have the power to change your behavior. You can make healthier choices even in fast-food restaurants. You can get up a bit earlier to add a half-hour walk into your day.
For older people seeking to lose weight, Harper recommends cutting junk food, doing cardio and resistance exercises several times weekly, and adding eating lots of veggies and healthy proteins.
Perhaps most important: Set realistic goals. "It's no good trying to look like those models on the covers of the women's magazines," said Harper. "They don't even look like that."

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