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October Already?

As the final quarter of the year is suddenly upon us, there is certainly no shortage of news concerning AARP and its members.
First and foremost, it looks like Sen. Baucus' health care reform bill might be voted on before the end of the week! The AP reports that the bill survived challenges from Republican critics over taxes and more on Wednesday - and Baucus seems pretty confident that they will get the through the Senate Finance Committee soon.
The committee is still debating so-called "Cadillac" insurance plans. Sen. John Kerry wants the threshold of plans to which a tax would apply to be higher for retirees and workers in "high-risk" industries. Read this story in the Washington Post about what exactly constitutes a "Cadillac" plan.
AARP was featured in a fun and useful U.S. News and World Report article called " Retired? How to Travel on a Budget." The article gives "9 ways to see the world without breaking the bank," and number one on that list is making the most of senior discounts. Of course, AARP is always negotiating great deals for its members, and the article includes a link to the exclusive Expedia AARP member Web site, Check out the story for all the great tips!
Another interesting story in U.S. News and World Report took a look at ageism in the workplace...and with the unemployment rate of Americans over 55 hitting a post-Great Depression high of 7 percent, older workers don't need stereotypes hindering their ability to find a job. But, the article also notes - sometimes the stereotypes of older workers are not necessarily negative. But wait...are stereotypes ever really a "good" thing? Hmmm...check out the article and see what you think.

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