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Older Women Have High Rate of Undercover STD


As far as STDs go, most of us know the popular kids in the crowd: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes. And HPV? SO in right now. But one less well-known and generally under-screened STD is actually pretty common among women over 50: Trichomoniasis.

In fact, a new study found that 13% of women over the age of 50 have the parasite that causes Trichomoniasis, or what many call "Trich" for short. While it's usually asymptomatic in men, women can have plenty of cringe-worthy uncomfortable symptoms and health side effects, like pelvic inflammatory disease. In short, this disease is no picnic.

And now, the study's findings are causing researchers and doctors to think twice about not reporting on -- and more importantly, screening for -- this STD. In fact, the study by International Society for STD Research found the infection is twice as prevalent in 40+ women than in younger ladies because it isn't well screened for.

We all know STDs are a sticky subject, but if you're a woman over 40, it's worth knowing what your risks may be. After all, better safe than sorry.

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