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....."Pants on Fire" - Great Site For Debunking The Myths

There is a great website out there called "" - take a look at They are a non-partisan and fact-based organization dedicated to illuminating the truth (or untruth) of statements politicians and other make on television, print and in other settings. Just as you might go and check an urban legend on, we'd recommend checking things out on this Pulitzer prize winning site as well when you receive something via email or other source and you wonder about the accuracy of the statement.

Here are a few items is currently taking the time to research:

Obama Claims Endorsement From AARP:

Obama would have government require a centenarian to get a pill, not a pacemaker:

McCaughey claims end-of-life counseling will be required for Medicare patients:

And in case you have the time or the inclination, here is the link to ALL of Politifact's research into statements made on health and health reform. Take a look - there's a lot there:

What are you hearing? Tell us! Post some of the myths you're getting in your conversations or email box in the comments section. Or give us your thoughts about why people are resorting to putting forth myths rather than arguing the facts.

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