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Rother in USA Today

Posted today in USA Today's Opinion section was an op-ed by AARP's John Rother on insurance companies engaging in age discrimination by charging higher premiums to seniors than they charge younger consumers.
In his article, John says:
"This discriminatory practice is a key reason why 13% of older Americans (or 7.1 million) were uninsured in 2007, a figure that is growing rapidly.
Many other older Americans are so burdened by the high cost of their premiums that they avoid health care treatments that would require them to spend more out of their own pockets."
You can check out his view and the "opposing view" and decide what you think!
One more interesting (but definitely complicated) article to leave you with before the weekend is this one from MSNBC - it gets into all the technical, dirty details of how you can still go about retiring early.
Have a great weekend.

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