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So What do You Know About Brain Health?


Sitting around too much? We all know it's pretty obvious that even mild exercise is good for it. But did you know that such exercise also is good for your brain? Even as little as 150 minutes of moderate activity seems to stave off several forms of dementia. But we bet you knew that. What other ways can we keep our head space trim and fit? So let's test your smarts. POP QUIZ!

  1. Exercise prevents the shrinkage of which part of the brain, which leads to memory loss? A. Cerebellum B. Cranium C. Hippocampus D. All
  2. Which of these foods are considered the best brain food? A. Fish B. Steak C. Bread D. All
  3. A 10 minute conversation with friends can improve short-term memory. True or False?
  4. Which of these other health issues are associated with dementia? A. Diabetes B. Obesity C. Hypertension D. All
  5. Which vitamin deficiency is associated with smaller brains? A. Vitamin C  B. Vitamin D  C. Vitamin B12  D. All
  6. Napping for 30-40 minutes a day good for your brain health. True or False?
  7. It's better to practice routine puzzles than learn new things to increase brain power. True or False?
  8. Which exercise is best for your brain? A. Yoga B. Aerobic C. Weight Lifting D. All
  9. Stress makes your brain work double hard and it gets double strong. True or False?
  10. True or false, once you get old, your brain stops making new neurons?


Quick, right? So add up your correct points after checking your answers at the bottom. If you scored 8-10 congrats! You either really know this stuff or just can't help but reading the answer key(*winkwink*)  If you got 4-7 you could do some brushing up. If you scored 0-3, well, that means you probably learned something new today, so that's a first step in the right direction!


Answer key: NO PEAKING!

1. The Hippocampus.  2. Fish 3. True 4. All 5. B12 6. True 7. False 8. Aerobic 9. False 10. False

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