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Who The Heck is Phil The Pill & Why Does He Want My Rx?

AARP Wisconsin was hanging out in Reedsburg this weekend with their new friend Phil The Pill from The P2D2 Program. Who is this mysterious man (bottle?) and what does he want with AARP members?


P2D2 is actually a great awareness campaign spreading across the country where anyone can bring in their prescription or over-the-counter medications, thermometers or sharps (including ones for pets) to participating drop off locations, and they will incinerate them for free! If you're like me you just leave them expired in your medicine cabinet or toss them. But it turns out that many discarded medicines, whether flushed or trashed, end up contaminating groundwater or fall into the hands of drug abusers.
Jenn Baier of AARP Wisconsin was joined with 15-year-old Jordyn Schara who is a huge advocate for the program. Jordyn was an amazing spokesperson who talked to the local media about how she raised funds for the program and secured an incinerator for the Reedsburg police station.
The effort collected 370 *pounds* of medicine!!! And, AARP Wisconsin shared over 200 of Create The Good's free Rx Snapshot Toolkits which helps people take stock of what medicines they have and review them with their doctor of pharmacist. Tons of community groups from hospital volunteers to pharmacists to the Elks Club joined in - and so did State Sen. Dale Shulz and Rep. Edward Brooks.
If you're in Wisconsin, 'like' them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest events and ideas to make a difference in your state. Or visit Create The Good to find ways to help in your neck of the woods.

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