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Will Your Health Care Coverage Measure Up to Your Congressperson's?

Patricia Barry has a piece on AARP Bulletin addressing the statement President Obama made when signing the health care bill last week, about how Americans should get the same health benefits that members of Congress currently have. He said, "Why can't we enjoy the same benefits that they get?" Well, it looks like health care reform may do just that:
Members of Congress currently get their health insurance through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, which offers a menu of private insurance plans to all civilian federal workers, retirees and their families, from the president himself down to mailmen and administrative assistants in federal agencies. It's the largest employer-sponsored program in the world, with about 8 million enrollees.
Under the new law, federal workers in general are not eligible to enroll in the new health care program, any more than other workers who have large group insurance from their employers.
Check out the rest of the piece and this chart below which shows exactly how they will compare.


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