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Have Your Say! WHO Global Strategy on Aging and Health

The WHO World Health Assembly

The world’s population is rapidly aging. Such increased longevity brings opportunity and is something to celebrate, but it also brings challenges. Fortunately, there’s an increasing recognition that we need to create environments and systems that enable people to stay as healthy as possible as they age.

Building on the launch of its anticipated Global Health and Aging report on Oct. 1, the World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking public comments in order to develop its comprehensive Global Strategy and Action Plan on Aging and Health.

The strategy and action plan will aim to provide a comprehensive framework for action on aging and health, identify gaps and suggest future priorities relevant to countries of all income levels. The plan will focus on what needs to be done globally to promote and sustain healthy aging and is intended to provide a global vision beyond what the WHO can do alone. The vision is a five-year action plan that will lead to a decade of international action on healthy aging from 2020 to 2030.

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Contributions from nongovernment groups and individuals are necessary if action on aging and health is to be successful.

The public consultation is open until Oct. 30, when a global consultation of member and expert delegations will take place in Geneva. Interested participants can comment on all or any of the proposed strategic objectives:

1. Committing to fostering healthy aging in every country

2. Aligning health systems to the needs of the older populations

3. Developing long-term care systems

4. Creating age-friendly environments

5. Improving measuring, monitoring and understanding

Take part in the consultation

Natalie Turner is a senior policy adviser for AARP International.


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