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Always be prepared

In an AdWeek article posted yesterday, the author takes a look at Americans' financial unpreparedness for retirement, especially in these tough economic times. The story reports on a study from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College called "The National Retirement Risk Index: After the Crash."
Other studies are showing that younger generations are taking notice - and therefore taking steps to make sure they are doing a better job of saving in pre-retirement years. A report from AARP is mentioned - one that shows that 49 percent of 45-64-year-olds are not confident that they "will have enough money to take care of your medical and living expenses in retirement." Do you fall into that category? What steps are you taking to make sure you do have enough money throughout retirement?
AARP's David Certner is also quoted in the AdWeek article. He talks about how Americans are working past retirement age - but are facing obstacles along the way, like age discrimination. He also points out that this recession could change people's saving behavior for good, especially if the economy continues to be "muddled" for a number of years.
Pedestrian Safety
Another study making waves today is one from Transportation for America, a national transportation coalition, that lists the safest and most dangerous cities for pedestrians. AARP's Elinor Ginzler is mentioned in several articles - because pedestrians age 65 and older are particularly vulnerable to accidents. Check out a few of the stories about the study: Washington Post; AFP; Christian Science Monitor; and Miami Herald.

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