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Boomers Fear Their Retirement Years


  US News reported on a new study that confirms what some may call obvious: Retirees and those preparing to retire are actually fearful of that big next step. Lots of factors probably contribute to that fear - change can be scary, everyone's 401(k)s are looking a little leaner thanks to the recession and a lot of folks are finding themselves sandwiched between adult children and aging parents.
But when you think about it, shouldn't we be excited to not have to work anymore? Unfortunately, folks are fearful about a range of issues that could arise when you retire, like spending too much too quickly, or wondering how their investments will perform. Check out the entire piece here for the breakdown of the biggest fears that soon-to-be retirees have. Any of them sound familiar to you?

One way to ease your mind of some of these fears is to think simple and eliminating the small expenses -- a lot of them -- to save the money you need and ensure that you'll have more than enough to spend once you retire; Andrea Downing Peck has a great piece at with some advice on how to do that.

Do you guys have any advice on how to dispel retirement fears?

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