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Fall Into the AARP Savings Challenge

savings challenge for tara

Today's a big day for me and all of my frugal friends in the Savings Challenge group here at In fact, it's even more exciting for a cheapskate like me than triple-coupon day at the supermarket!

We're kicking off a special " Fall Into Savings Challenge." Each week during the month of October, we'll be running a weekly contest picking your brains about your best tips, stories, and advice for saving money. After the Savings Challenge ends on Oct. 28, 2012, we'll be selecting three overall winners, with the top prize winner receiving a gift card worth $2,000!

See also: How to enter the Savings Challenge.

This week the "Check Your Bills Challenge" asks you to carefully look through your monthly bills and account statements - for your utilities, credit cards, bank and investment statements, etc. - and see if you can't find some errors or other creative ways to reduce those expenses. Maybe there's a service fee you can get waived, a charge posted to your account in error, or some other discrepancy or questionable item you've been meaning to contact a service provider about but have never found the time.

Post your story to the " Check Your Bills Challenge" by Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012.

So pay extra close attention to your bills and account statements this week, and you might win the Week 1 "Check Your Bills" Savings Challenge. Good luck and stay cheap!

Join the Savings Challenge group on, share your tips, and set a savings goal on the green savings tracker. Your savings tips could win you a prize. Read our contest rules.

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