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Gas Prices Rise and We're Going Green

The Christian Science Monitor's Bright Green Blog takes a look at recent Department of Transportation numbers and an AARP survey that shows people are hopping on their bikes, riding the bus and hittin' the pavement more.
Our own Elinor Ginzler was featured, here's what she had to say about this trend:

Four in 10 said they have used public transportation, walked or ridden a bicycle more frequently since gas prices have risen, according to the AARP poll, which was being released Wednesday. Elinor Ginzler, AARP's senior vice president for livable communities, said she's concerned that communities don't have adequate sidewalks, bus shelters, bike lanes and public transportation options as more people look for other means to get around. "More Americans age 50-plus are trying to leave their cars behind but face obstacles as soon as they walk out the door, climb on their bikes or head for the bus," Ginzler said.

Are you going green because of gas prices?

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