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News To Know: Weird Economy


So you used to work in a big automobile plant and you got laid off. This is a big deal. How are you going to find a new job? With unemployment levels so high there is a ton of competition. Maybe you're willing and able to go back to school. Otherwise you may have to learn some new skills and try to make it in a new industry, like pro-wrestling. That's what's going on at Boogie's Wrestling Camp in Shawsville, Virginia. At Boogie's, regular Joes are trying to make it big on the pro-wrestling circuit. So maybe if you get fired from your job the question should be 'Are you ready to rumble?!'
Everyday working stiff aren't the only people struggling right now. Believe it or not, Ripley's is having a tough time finding enough oddities to fill its museums. Normally they say a bad economy is good for their business because folks are willing to sell their toothpick renditions of San Francisco and six-legged cows at a discount. Not so right now, and Ripley's can't find enough shrunken heads and medieval torture devices to feed the public's appetite. If they're truly desperate for some weird stuff, they should check the back of my refrigerator.

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