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Notable News for December 3

This headline from the Wall Street Journal caught my eye this morning: " What Should You Do With Your Money in 2010?" Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a heart to heart with six different financial advisors and see what they had to say about investing next year? Since that is probably not feasible for most of us, a Dow Jones reporter did the hard work for us! Check out the article for answers from six different advisors on what to expect next year in the financial world - including advice traditional and Roth IRAs, insurance and tax changes.
One other interesting story on the WSJ online - it talks about the trend for families young and old (and particularly baby boomers) to move out of the city and into rural areas. Are you one of those "ruralpolitans"? The article says that many folks are seeing rural land as a stable investment - more stable than even their jobs and 401(k)s these days. History does show that economic downturns cause an increased interest in "escaping" to the country - but a short-lived interest at best. We'll have to wait and see if this trend keeps up in the years to come, or if it's just a temporary fad when times in the city got tough.
One final note - have you seen the stories, like this one from an L.A. Times blog. about the fake CDC e-mail, claiming that you need to register your personal information in order to be eligible for the H1N1 vaccine? Ludicrous! The CDC has even posted a warning on its Web site - it will never ask you for personal information or to register online for a vaccine. Be careful!

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