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Personal Finance News this Veterans Day

Yesterday, AARP's Director of Financial Security, Jean Stetzfand, was featured in a segment NPR's "Tell Me More" program. Stetzfand is discussing the issue of older workers and unemployment - a topic that is gaining more and more exposure in the media recently, and obviously one that is important to AARP and its members. Read the transcript or listen to the segment here.
Stetzfand discusses the fact that workers over age 55 spend more time looking for work, possibly because employers see older workers' skills are "out of date," forcing job seekers to "reinvent themselves," which can prove to be a daunting challenge. So - "Why not just retire?" the host asks. Stetzfand explains that many Americans just aren't financially prepared for retirement. Give the story a listen to see what she has to say about how retiring at different ages affects your income.
In other financial security news today, on the ABC News website, David McPherson writes a column about Roth IRAs - what he calls "one of the best defenses against potential future increases in federal and state income taxes." Are Roth IRAs right for you? Individuals can convert current retirement savings into Roth IRAs, or can start an account and make yearly contributions. See what McPherson has to say for the nitty gritty that might help you determine what's best for the future of your retirement savings.

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