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Social Security Call-In Day and Beyond

On September 13th, thousands of AARP members and Americans of all generations joined together to contact Members of Congress to make sure they understand how children, as well as older Americans, benefit from Social Security. They told their Senators and Representatives that they must ensure the promise of Social Security is kept for all generations.

The fact is that President's Fiscal Commission continues to debate cuts to Social Security as a means to reduce the deficit. We all need to stand together and protect Social Security from budget-driven cuts.
That's why I hope you will join AARP in picking up your phone and raise your voice. Cutting Social Security to reduce a deficit it didn't cause will unfairly burden our children and grandchildren. Calling is easy, and only takes a minute.

Here's what you need to do to call-in TODAY:
1. Click here and enter your phone number to receive a call from AARP.
2. Your phone will ring in a few seconds - simply answer the phone to connect to your senator's office.
3. A staff person will answer the phone. Tell that person where you're calling from, and that you are concerned that President Obama's Fiscal Commission is considering changes to Social Security and you strongly urge your senator not to cut Social Security to reduce the deficit.
4. Most calls will end there. However, if you like, you can add that:
- Social Security is vital to all generations and Congress must fight to strengthen it for your children, grandchildren, and all future generations.
- Social Security has not contributed one penny to the federal deficit and shouldn't be used to fix a problem it didn't cause.

Give it a try. Your call will help make sure the promise of Social Security is protected for all generations.

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