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Your Money: The Ultimate October Savings Challenge!

savings challenge

I'm more excited than a cheapskate in the supermarket on triple-coupon day! Today we're kicking off a special October Savings Fest edition of the AARP Savings Challenge!

As with past Savings Challenges, we're going to be giving away a weekly prize and selecting three top winners at the end of the Challenge.

From now through the end of October, we're challenging you to pay less than full price for everything you buy. That's right.

Whether it's couponing, bartering, shopping at thrift stores or yard sales, or some other savings strategy, we want to see if you're up for a real challenge. Think you can do it?

Our special Savings Challenge tracker tool will help. See the  rules and get all the  details on how to participate. And be sure to join our Savings Challenge Group to enter the Week 1 Challenge before Sunday October 9. This week we want your tips and advice about having Frugal Fun. How do you have fun without breaking the bank or paying full price?

I hope you'll join in the fun and share your best penny-pinching tips in this special October Savings Fest edition of the AARP Savings Challenge. And remember:  Friends Don't Let Friends Pay Full Price for Anything!

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