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North Carolinians Can Stay Fit at AARP’s Newest Fitness Park

Winston-Salem has a new place to work out, make friends and spend time outdoors, with AARP today unveiling its latest fitness park in partnership with the nonprofit FitLot. The park has enough equipment for 22 different kinds of exercises.

The new space will offer free classes and is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. “It’s not just about putting in the new pieces of equipment,” says AARP North Carolina Associate State Director Mark Hensley. “It’s about continuing to build the Miller Park community around it, an important aspect of making this area a better place to work and live.

AARP’s partnership with FitLot started in 2019, when we set a goal of bringing new fitness parks to all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Washington, D.C., by the end of 2022. Find an AARP-sponsored park near you.

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