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Post from Patti Shea:
In case you've been in a self-induced media blackout, you've heard that the first wave of the Baby Boom Generation turns 65 this year, one every eight seconds this year, roughly 8,000 a day. My Uncle Norm, who turned 65 yesterday, realizing the milestone, signed off his Facebook birthday wall post lovefest best: "Peace. Love. Medicare." Indeed.

Ah, Medicare. Boomers are expected to swell the Medicare rolls at the same time it's being used as a political hot potato. What they will find is that it's not their parents' Medicare. New rules, new coverage, etc., will "welcome" them with open arms.

But what do boomers think of themselves and their generation? According to our poll, the soon-to-be 65+ are optimistic about their technological savvy and hipness, but still don't trust The Man.

Leave it to boomers to reinvent themselves and find new ways to get their groove back through volunteering and finally living their childhood dreams. Bridging the generation gap -- Baby Boomer to Gen X -- isn't going to be easy. The future of education, Social Security, health care depends on what we do today. And there are, of course, conflicting approaches.

Over the next month we'll showcase what it means to be a boomer and how 65 today isn't the same 65 of your parents, both good and bad: webcams v. Kodak, big PhARMA v. the corner drugstore, Starbucks v. 5 cent cuppa joe. You get the picture, er, I mean Tweet. Check out our Boomer home page.

Our question to you is: Do you think boomers have changed the world for the better?

Let us know what you think!

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