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Boomers: Where to Retire and What to Watch

Did you know that this past weekend, 49 of the 50 states had snow on the ground?? I bet you can guess the state that's holding out on us: Hawaii. Anywho, if you aren't lucky enough to live or have been vacationing in Hawaii for the past week, chances are you're tired of hearing about winter weather advisories. Daydreaming about the locations in this CNBC slideshow on America's Top Places to Retire was a fun activity for me this morning.
The list includes picks from AARP The Magazine, and focuses on the best and most unique locations for retirement. The slideshow is linked to this article, which cites a 2009 AARP study pointing out that past generations were less willing to relocate than the younger Boomer generation - which seems to be more than willing to pick up and head somewhere exciting to live out their retirement years. And if you're wondering, Honolulu, Hawaii did make the list!
While you're over there on, check out this slideshow of the Most Influential Movies of the Boomer Generation - and see if you agree with the choices! And if you haven't already, be sure to check out AARP's 2010 Movies for Grownups Award Winners!

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