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Commuting Sucks


If you were to ask ten people their thoughts on their commute to work, you'd probably get 10 negative viewpoints. When is the last time you remember hearing someone boast about loving the trip to their job or into town to run errands? Probably never, and that's the point. Our transportation system is a mess and as a result, we waste tons of time and energy needlessly sitting in traffic. I bring this up now because this year Congress will be writing the six year transportation bill. This is a great opportunity to tell your elected officials what you think about the transportation where you live. If you're looking for a way to make your voice heard, you may want to check out this site. You can post stories about how terrible your commute is and even share pictures and videos. The site will also help you get in touch with your Members of Congress. You can even follow this group on Twitter @mycommutesucks.
While we're on the topic of transportation, roads aren't only a problem for drivers. Most of our streets have only been designed to get as many cars through them as quickly as possible (though the often fail at that as well). Very few streets take pedestrians and bicycle riders into account. In fact, a new AARP Public Policy Institute study shows that two in five Americans aged 50+ said their sidewalks were inadequate. Moreover half of these people said they couldn't cross the major streets near them safely, preventing them from walking, biking, or even catching a bus. This trend needs to change and we need to begin making roads that are accommodating to all. Such designs are called complete streets and they're something that Congress should include in the next transportation bill. So let us know, how is the commute where you live?

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