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DC Rock City

Things are wrapping up here at Life@50+, but not before Kiss's Gene Simmons stopped in for a few interviews and some words of wisdom for the AARP faithful. You may recognize Simmons this way:

However, most of you will recognize him like this:

Simmons's main message: live each day as it comes and you'll never really grow old. Very carpe diem, and I couldn't agree more. You're only as old as you live your life and this year's Life@50+ is just further proof.
Studio 50+ Night Club was packed with dancers on Thursday night. Then on Friday, hyped up fans rushed the stage for the Chicago concert. Despite the weather, thousands of members showed up and listened to the candidates speak via satellite. All in all, a great event and one heck of a 50th birthday part for AARP.
Did you attend Life@50+ or know someone who was here? Post below and do what Gene Simmons would do: Shout It Out Loud

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