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Debate: Will You Watch the Royal Wedding?

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good argument. The one on the table today at AARP... will you watch Kate Middleton wed Prince William? At... 4... a... m...

I have to admit. I can't wait to see the dress. But, to say I'm not a morning person is an understatement. So, I loved reading my co-workers Karen and Bernard argue it out on today.

Karen says she's watching for Diana and the promise of a new marraige:

"Can you imagine how much she would have liked Kate? She is a "common" girl who appears to embody many of the personality traits that endeared Princess Diana to us - humor, grace, beauty, compassion, humility and independence. Oh, the late-night talks those two women could have shared."  Read Karen's full story.

Bernard (who may or may not have had enough coffee today) fires back:

"... millions of Americans are preparing to wake up early Friday morning to turn on the television and watch King George III's direct descendant, Prince William, marry a "commoner" (an eight-letter word that speaks volumes about what the royals think of you and me) in a lavish celebration not only of their wedding, but of the very concept of monarchy - the same British monarchy (with, thankfully, much less power now) that the brave American colonialists gave their lives to repel.  I don't get it." Read Bernard's full story.

Where do you stand? (If you follow AARP's Twitter feed you'll know if I made it up for the big event)

If you can't get enough, make sure you're reading the Kate Middleton FTW blog, RSVP on the British Monarchy's Royal Wedding Facebook event page and bookmark the YouTube live stream of the wedding for tomorrow!

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