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Design Meets Livability in 2009 Livable Communities Award-Winning Homes!

Today, AARP and the National Association of Homebuilders recognized four companies in four categories (architect, developer, builder greater than 2500 square feet, and builder 2500 square feet and below) by awarding them the 2009 Livable Communities Awards.
This year's awards boast unique combinations of distinction and convenience - highlighting universal design and energy efficiency - making them homes in which people of all ages can live comfortably.
Check out full descriptions and photos of award-winning structures here...and check out the video here highlighting North Morningside Craftsman in Atlanta, GA - the winning design from Yorkshire Enterprises LLC in the category of builder, greater than 2500 square feet. I was amazed by the built-in elevator, roll-in shower, and wide hallways and doors that accommodate wheelchairs - but more amazed at how beautiful the home truly is. Check it out.

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