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Do Political Ads Create Gridlock?

We're in the thick of this election, and who hasn't seen the accusations flying back and forth from our candidates? McCain's ad has gained a lot of publicity, featuring cameos from celebrities, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Miss Hilton responded with her own thoughts on the matter, with this Funny or Die Exclusive video. Senator Obama has released his own ads, as well, to combat his opponent, such as this economic ad.
Do these ads work as they are intended to? Do political ads help inform voters of the issues? Or do they simply perpetuate the political gridlock?
While our presidential candidates are pointing out all the reasons why they are opposed to one another, we thought it would be fitting to remind them both that they are signed members of the Divided We Fail pledge. So gentleman, take a break from all the accusations and start discussing what your plans are to provide affordable health care and long-term financial security for all!
What are your thoughts on the matter? Have these political ads changed your perceptions about a candidate? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment!
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