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Do YOU know where the candidates stand?

Like me, I'm sure you are already sick of the mudslinging and deception in campaign ads - it seems worse than ever this year.
But voting is one of the most important actions we can take, so AARP wants to make sure you can find out where the candidates stand on issues important to older Americans, like Social Security, Medicare, and the economy.
Visit to create and download your personalized Voter Guide today. You can even print it out to take with you to the polls!
There's a lot at stake this November. This year's elections will decide the balance of power in Congress, and elect lawmakers who will be making important decisions about the issues that matter most to older Americans.
Every vote makes a difference in a critical election year like this one, and AARP wants to make sure you have the facts - before you cast your ballot.
Create your custom Voter Guide today at

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