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Getting Older, Going Greener

Well this is good to see. "Saving the planet may be the next big trend in retirement living," said Leslie Moldow, head of the American Institute of Architects' Design for Aging Committee.
That's right - the newest fad in retirement living is to build homes that save more energy, improve indoor air quality, preserve the natural habitat, conserve water and rely on recycled materials. Environmentally friendly architects and designers are increasingly being hired to build retirement homes in an effort to support the "green design movement."
While it's natural to think going green automatically means making sacrifices, that's not always the case. "Our commitment to green practices fits nicely with our overall objective of delivering high-quality retirement living. What we save on utility bills, for example, we can use to improve residents' care," says Bernie Francis, board director of Dallas-based Senior Quality Lifestyles Corp., a pioneer in "graying" the green design movement.
Even if you don't live in one of these places that were green-designed, there's nothing wrong with supporting the environment in other ways in your home; check out AARP's suggestions on living green! And if you decide you want to get more involved in the green movement - check out LiveGreen for discounts, coupons and fun events!

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