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I Voted

Today was such an important day in history - for so many reasons, and for so many people.
I started voting as soon as I was able to: when I turned 18. Not any one candidate or issue got me fired up, it was simply an important rite of passage. To vote meant to participate in one of our greatest freedoms.
Voting is perhaps the most important representation of a democracy which we are so lucky to have here in America. People in other countries have given their lives to achieve this privilege of a voice. A voice that isn't pressured by any one else but is representative of one's own best judgment.
It is massively important for everyone of all ages to vote, but for those of us who are over 50 and older hopefully have some experience. Perhaps our perspective and appreciation that our voting will have significant policy and leadership impact to the well being of not only ourselves, but of future generations is felt a little bit stronger as we age.

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