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It's 5:30 Somewhere!

The work day is over, you're heading home...or off to vote...or the bar...or to your brother's mother-in-law's house to watch all the election night hullabaloo.
If you're hosting your own party, or maybe just want to have some fun with your family, here's a few suggestions:
Real Simple has election night cocktails to celebrate the occasion and also has some food ideas as well.
Make a game of Bingo! from commonly used election-related phrases from media and candidates alike! Daily Kos has a few examples.
How about a nice game of trivia? Scribble a few trivia questions down about past Presidents and have a go. Click here for some ideas.
If you're like me, and just can't keep track, print out this blank map of the U.S. and grab a blue and red marker to track who's winning where.

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