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Last Minute Gifts!

We all do it - wait until the final possible moment to find the perfect gifts for our friends and family. This article from Fox Business online highlights gift ideas for the retirees (or "semi- or soon-to-be retirees") in your life. I may take some of this advice, because I always find the hardest people to buy gifts for are my retired grandparents!
The gift ideas in the article are separated by the type of person your retiree is - is he or she a reader? Do they have a sweet tooth? Some of the specific ideas include reading material of interest (biographies or magazine subscriptions), homemade photo albums of family pictures, a museum membership, a gym membership for the active...and plenty more. The article also directs readers to AARP The Magazine's 2009 Gift Giving Guide - check it out!
One other notable news item that appeared late yesterday afternoon is that the average life expectancy in the United States has gone up to a high of 77.9 years. Here is the full story as reported on Time's "Wellness" blog. The article reports on the CDC's data that shows the increased life expectancy, and also shows the disparities among gender and race.

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