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Midday Roundup: Slow Summer Stormin'

Slow motion: lightning.

Your news going around today: Congress rethinking ban on Internet gambling; US Rep. Charles Rangel seems to have reached a deal in his ethics case and won't have to stand trial; and a federal judge has blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona's new immigration law.
Picking a nursing home: daunting. How do you make the choice? The New York Times on one possible determining factor: "[The nursing home director] said he would ask three aides then on break if they wanted to talk to me. They said yes. I asked how long they had worked there. One said 12 years; another, 8. The third answered: "I'm the baby. I've been here four years." I decided this was the place for my mother." (More than 70% of nurses' aides change jobs in any given year, it turns out. )

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