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Morning AARP: "It Is Your Destiny!"

Silent Star Wars. If that doesn't make you happy, you aren't half as nerdy as I am. Oh, fine. Maybe it is just me.
Morning headlines: Scientists' stem cell research grinds to an abrupt and uncertain halt this morning after a federal judge blocks President Obama's previous executive order expanding it; it's another election day - and primaries have several familiar faces on the hot seat; former presidential candidate John McCain is no exception. Troops in Iraq fall below 50,000, and the billions in aid aren't really making Pakistanis love us more. (Should it matter?) Oh, and your kids and grandkids still won't go to bed because they're obsessed with their Playstations.
One more link for the ladies (since I started this with Star Wars, it seems only fair) from une femme d'un certain age, a fall style roundup:
Simple, clean, mostly monochromatic. Aahhhhh. This is such a welcome respite from the everything-including-the-kitchen-sink, more-is-more looks of recent years.

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