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Morning AARP: Trick Shot?

In honor of the US Open....

You watch and tell us what you think. Real or fake? Some tennis pros have their doubts. I kinda think it's real, myself. Or maybe I just want to think it's real.
Morning headlines: Those people who run boot camp are getting smart about fitness routines to compensate for America's over-sugared, under-calcified youngsters. Preceding the Palestinian-Israeli summit in Washington this Thursday, NYT is reporting a more stable, dare-we-say functioning West Bank; and those widespread bedbug problems aren't going away anytime soon. Oh, and the Fiscal Times calls us (that'd be the AARP) the "800-pound gorilla" in the room for the Social Security debate currently ongoing. Well, we do our best...
Happy Tuesday. 13 weeks til 2010 midterm elections. Don't know who you're going to vote for? Get informed.

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