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Protect Social Security and Medicare

This post is from Barry Jackson, Director of Online Advocacy at AARP. 

This morning, we're launching a new push to protect Social Security and Medicare at a time.  The message is simple: Don't harm Medicare or Social Security. Right now, Congress is considering making a deal to pay the nation's bills (or in Washington-speak, raise the debt ceiling) that could include reduced Medicare benefits and leaving millions without secure healthcare.

Congress needs to understand that Medicare protects real people, it is not simply numbers on a balance sheet - and they need to hear that people like you are against drastic cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

The deals that some in Congress are considering would have an impact on today's seniors.  For instance, some of the deals they are considering could:

  • Re-open the Medicare "doughnut hole" and raise seniors' drug costs.
  • Place arbitrary limits on Medicare spending that could increase your costs and limit your access to care.

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