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Response To Jane Hamsher Comment

Jane Hamsher left the following response to our statement in the comments section so I thought I'd pull it up to the front page:

AARP had a $20 million advertising campaign last year, "Divided We Fail," that included no blog advertising component. So I find this statement curious: "AARP would never allow advertisers to dictate our editorial content based on the amount of ad space purchased, and we would be hesitant to buy ads with any media that suggested it might act otherwise." What exactly are you alleging?

Jane - DWF is one of many campaigns AARP is a part of and, while blog ads weren't a part of that particular campaign to date, the allegation that AARP somehow does not advertise - or worse that we don't see the value in blogs - is incorrect.
Regarding your second statement - we're not alleging anything. When we advertise DWF or any of our other campaigns with CNN, FOX, and others we never expect news coverage on their stations. Similarly, our pitches to producers for story ideas were not met with questions about how much advertising we had purchased. Your concerns about AARP advertising with blogs directly link news coverage and ad dollars. We were simply stating that we would never put our journalists/editors/writers in such a position.

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