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Segunda Has a New Home

Look up! Do you see them? I can just about make them out-the parachutes swaying and falling fast-and I, the editor, am ready for them. By this time next week, Segunda, Angelita, and Lady Piola will have landed safely in their new home, AARP VIVA's website. Come follow their adventures every week.

Before jumping, Segunda managed to peck out a message on her smart phone. She texts that she's a hyperactive Latina in her 40's (you'd never know it from where I see her), a divorcee, and the multimedia diva (my words, not hers) of AARP VIVA. Her daughter, Angelita, just graduated from college and is looking for a job-too proud to ask Segunda for help, but not too proud to move in with Mom and put a damper on Segunda's dating life. Lady Piola, an Argentine poodle from Mendoza, is Segunda's sidekick and confidant (who makes her feelings about Segunda's gentlemen callers quite clear, as you'll soon see). Above all, Segunda wants you to know, she's guided by her spirituality-and her shoes.

Come back next week for another peek into Segunda's life with daughter Angelita and Argentine poodle Lady Piola.

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