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Superbowl Bound or Bust

" YOLO," mom said to me last week after announcing that she and my father were going to the Superbowl in New Orleans. I held the phone in my hand in silence. "Are you serious?" I asked her. She laughed, "Yes."

Not only could I not believe that my mother said YOLO, short for you only live once, but that she and Dad (who put off back surgery for a week) were trekking it to New Orleans, on a bus for nearly 15 hours nonetheless - to cheer on the Baltimore Ravens in the 47th Superbowl. (As I type this, they are 11 hours into their trip and probably somewhere in Tennessee).

"This may be our only chance to go," Mom confirmed. The statement felt like a slap in my face. They're in their mid 60s, celebrating 45 years of marriage this year. And while 65 isn't old, she has a point: "When opportunities like this come your way," she said, "you don't pass them up."

I guess she's right. The last time Baltimore was in the "Big Show" was 12 years ago and they were in their early 50's. Who knows when the next time will be? Or even if it will happen.

Mom and Dad

I'm proud of my folks. They usually aren't as spontaneous at this, but they're devoted fans and I appreciate that they recognize the monumental opportunity.

To tell you the truth, it's incredibly inspiring. I'll admit that I'm not one to drop things, reschedule plans or throw down some dough just for an experience, but isn't that what life's about? Experiencing moments that make remarkable memories?

My parents are going to have an amazing story to tell to when they get back and I can't wait to hear it and see the photos.

So, this makes me wonder....when is the last time you were spontaneous? How did it turn out for you? Good? Was it a memory you'll always cherish?

And one last important question: Ravens or 49ers? (I think you know who I'm rooting for!)

Jen will update her parents status via her Twitter account at: @iheartrocknroll

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