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The Grand Engagement: A Generational Divide?

This is a guest post from Mary C. Hickey from the AARP Media Content Team.

Not sure if it was the era (the early 80s) or the guy (a slowly recovering hippie) but my marriage proposal - if you can even call it that - was distinctly unromantic.  "We can get married if you want to," my now husband said matter-of-factly one Sunday afternoon, after we'd been living together for over a year. We have been married almost 30 years, proof that it's the person - not the proposal - that ultimately matters.

Nonetheless, I've been totally intrigued by the elaborate marriage proposals that seem to be routine these days:  A former student of mine whose fiancé arranged to have a diamond ring placed at the bottom of an ice cream Sundae they shared.  An assistant at work whose husband proposed, on his knee, on the top of a mountain at sunset.  Another colleague whose entire family was on hand when her betrothed popped the question.

Grand gestures, all of them, but none come even close to this fabulous proposal that definitely sets a new standard for romantic men everywhere.  Best wishes Isaac and Amy.  Hope the relationship is every bit as wonderful as the way it got started

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