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Time To Get Down To Business

America just finished a historic election that brought millions of citizens to the polls. We voted in hopes that the new President and Congress would act quickly to address the most important issues facing our nation. And we were united - Democrats, Republicans, and independents - in frustration with Washington gridlock and partisan bickering. Now the real work must begin. We need to turn hope into action and hold our political leaders accountable for delivering on the promises they made to get elected.
At Divided We Fail we've been doing our part in the past 18 months to rally together organizations representing well over 50 million Americans in order to make a unified statement to our president-elect. Barack Obama promised prior to the election to make quality health care affordable, help families save more of their own money, strengthen Social Security for future generations, and end partisan bickering and Washington gridlock. Now is the time to hold him to that promise.
Recommit to Divided We Fail by demanding that this much-needed reform happens, and that it happens quickly! Join DWF and help Obama lead America forward with more than just words--with action.
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