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Update From The Field: Ohio

Tamara James, our AARP Ohio Associate State Director for Community Outreach had this to say about her voting experience:
The combination of early voting and six voting machines instead of four at my precinct seems to be successful. My wait was only 20 minutes this morning, instead of the 2.5 hours in 2004. While I was waiting in a shorter-than-expected line, I realized that the young guy explaining how to use the electronic voting machines is my 18-year-old neighbor. After I got over my initial shock that he is old enough to vote, I started thinking back to when I was in grade school and the movement to give 18-year-olds the right to vote. I remember hearing the justification that someone old enough to fight in the Vietnam War should have the right to vote in elections. It seemed so logical to me, even as a 3rd grader. Our family was far from political and didn't pay attention to issues, but it made an impression on me at the time and I vowed that when I turned 18, I would exercise my right to vote. I did, and I've tried to vote in every general, special or primary election ever since.

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