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Using Words to Push Positive Messages

Did you know that we spend one-fifth of our life talking! How many Talk-shows are on TV every day? And night! We all have something to say, sometimes we say the wrong things but none the less we continue to talk.

SJ wanted to be in the Blind Side, if you saw the movie, he is in a red jacket in the football scene sitting between Tim McGraw and Sandy. As the scene was playing out, SJ would turn to Sandy after she did a line and tell her "that is not exactly how my Mom would have said that Ms. Sandy." And Sandy would say, "well tell me how she would have said it SJ." And then SJ would feed Sandra Bullock a few lines that his sweet ears had heard his Mom say over the years. After this incident occurred several times someone on the set laughingly made the remark that SJ's mom needed "mouth management," which I'm not going to even act like I don't!


Someone gets your parking space, you get cut off in traffic, you have bad service at a restaurant (never a Taco Bell!) or as in my case you hear someone say an unkind thing about your child at a sporting event and bam, before your know it we are irritated, frustrated and aggravated and loose our composure. We've all been there! You may be the greatest person in the world, you pay your taxes on time, go to church every Sunday and kiss your spouse good bye every morning, but you let someone take that parking space you were waiting on and that integrity goes right out the window!

What is "integrity?" When I hear the word I think of actions, values, principles, expectations and outcomes and if you don't have mouth management none of those will be headed in the appropriate direction. Our mouths have tremendous potential to either damage or delight!

We need to take responsibility for what comes out of our mouth's each day. Our words can both build confidence and have a positive impact on someone or something or they can have a detrimental and damaging effect. Don't live in a world of half-truths, rumors and negative speech.  Speak with humility, humor and motivation.  Use what you say to enhance communication, build relationships, solveproblems or push a positive message to the public!

Listen to the difference is these two statements: "Collins your speech was good" versus "Collins your speech on valuing individuals was heartwarming and inspirational." Do you see how what we say can influence and affect someone or something?  Just by adding a few adjectives, you words paint a beautiful picture for the world or they can have a harmful and negative impact. Usually what's in your heart comes out of your mouth so engage your mind before you put your mouth in gear and remember all of our words make a difference. The question is what kind of difference do they make?

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