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Who's Turning 100?

Remember the smash hit Titanic from James Cameron in 1997? How many times did you see it in the theater? - and can you believe it's been so long since you did? Well, check out this milestone that the LA Times reports: Gloria Stuart (who played the elder Rose in the movie) turned 100 this weekend! She celebrated with James Cameron and more than 100 other guests at a soiree in Beverly Hills.
This birthday milestone got me thinking that I wanted to share this article from CNN I had seen last week about centenarians - and who exactly will live to be one. New research from scientists at Boston University have identified genes that are associated with longer living. Amazing, right?
Other amazing stats from the article say that people who live to 100 and beyond are usually the "picture of health" - and 90 percent of them do not show signs of disability until the age of 93. However, scientists also point out that genetics aren't everything. The environment and lifestyle also play a part in one's longevity of course.
There is just one single centenarian per 6,000 people in developed nations, and one "supercentenarian" (over the age of 110) per 7 million people. Doesn't sound like a whole lot, but that means there are 80,000 people aged 100 or over in the U.S. Live long and prosper I say!
Do you know any centenarians... or anyone close to joining that club?

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