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America Wants the News

Here's an article worth reading today from on a recent Pew study about how much time consumers are spending on news these days. (The fact that I got this story perusing USA Today's website just furthers the point of the study!)
The article and study say that consumers are consistently increasing their use of technology to get their news, and consequently are spending more time learning about what's going on in the world. According to the survey, Americans are still spending 57 minutes a day getting news from TV, radio and newspapers - but they also spend an additional 13 minutes each day getting news from online sites. When added together, that's the an amount as high as any time dating back to the mid 1990s that people have spent on news!
Thirty-three percent of people surveyed said they had gotten news online the previous day...and when you added mobile devices, e-mail, social networks and podcasts to that, the number went up to 44%.
I'm still amazed at everything I can do on my smart phone, from getting the news instantly at my fingertips to doing my banking (another interesting technology article I found on
Where do you get your news these days?

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