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George Takei in Boston: Smartphone Physicals and Gene Therapy

Smartphones can do just about anything these days, from shooting movies to following our every move - from connecting to smoke detectors to counting our steps and calories.

On a recent visit to AARP's Health Innovation@50+ start-up business showcase in Boston, tech explorer George Takei found a number of new phone attachments and apps aimed at making formerly complicated health tests cheaper and more readily available, adding up to a "smartphone physical." These include:

  • An electrocardiogram in a smartphone case that consumers can use themselves
  • A speculum that gives you a closeup look inside your own ears
  • A pocket-size ultrasound device that lets a doctor see the state of your carotid artery without going down the hall or out of the examination room


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Winding up his Boston visit, Takei trekked over to Bluebird Bio to learn about the latest in gene therapy and "gene editing." The company's goal: create truly transformative treatments, especially for orphan diseases, where inserting a single gene into a cell could make the difference between disease and health.

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