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Tuesday Tech: Ow, You're Hurting My Ears


(via emagic)
As we posted before, more and more iPod-addicted youngsters are experiencing hearing loss as those headphones creep up to dangerous volume levels.
It's not just the kids listening to those things, either. It's us, as we jog, as we work, and as we travel. What you need to know: It's not just the volume. It might also be the headphones themselves. Gizmodo has a great article detailing how all those cheap, bright-colored headphones are produced - usually from the same basic parts - and their tinny, unmodulated sounds aren't good for your ears either.
For my money, little as it is, I've always found it a good idea to go a little upscale with headphones and speakers. When I bought my speakers, I heard strains of violin I'd never heard before in Beethoven; words I'd never made out in the background of songs. Eventually I reluctantly spent the money on a good set of headphones too, and found I didn't have to turn up the volume to hear the bass when I was running to Aerosmith. Better music, better for my ears.
What gadgets do you avoid going cheap for? What are your favorite headphones?

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